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David van Akkeren
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Latigid - Digital Business Cars - About Us

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About the company

Latigid is a very simple concept. Take the world-wide calling card, known as “business card” and bring it into the 21st century. By making business cards digital, we are able to keep it’s simplicity, but allow for an interactive experience with company or personal information that is always current, no matter when a person received your card. There is no need to buy a new card when your information changes, since you can login to your Latigid Digital Business Card, and add, change or delete content. And even more importantly, any changes you make to your card will automatically update on all the cards that you have given out in the past. Never will you loose customers again because they have an “old card” with outdated information.

About me

My name is David van Akkeren. I live in Arizona with my wonderful wife and son, where my main focus is continued development of our products and networking. I am a member of BNI which, in my opinion, is a must for any business that wants to grow and learn.
My passion is excellence. I try to achieve excellence in everything I do, not just business. From my marriage to our products, my hobbies to friendships.
It is my burning desire to help people like you to accomplish financial independence. I believe that every person can achieve this, if you remain teachable.
I am looking forward to joining with you and helping you on your way to accomplish your dreams, as well as the people around you.


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